General Appearance
The Delmun is a large and long bodied svelte cat. Well muscled with longer back legs and small rounded front paws. Males and females are the same size at maturity.

Head is small in comparison to body. Nose is medium in length with an almost straight profile. Chin is not prominent and relaxed, with a wedged face.

Ears are Medium to large, and very expressive. Kittens almost look like mini bats when very young. Ears are broad at base and always have two blush bands (top and bottom) unless they are white Delmuns. Minimum hair on ears and no tufts on ear tips.

Large eyes, almond shaped, and slanted toward ears. One tone colour eyes only.

Long bodies with a well muscled but svelte appearance. Delmuns have a long neck with a slight dip after shoulder blades and the general appearance of slightly loose skin.

Feet and legs
Front feet are slightly webbed with a lot of pigmentation. They are small and oval in appearance. Delmuns look like they are on tip-toe. Back feet are hare-like and very long. Front legs are short and back legs are longer and muscular in the thigh region.

Tails are very long and thick at the base. Most Delmuns have blunt tips of tails.

Coat is unusually plush, and short. Quality of coat is almost pelt-like.

Allowance must be made for entire males that have thicker necks and heavy jowls at maturity that might give them the appearance of a rounder face shape.

All Delmuns are basically Spotted Tabbies and are classified in 6 groups :

a) Spotted Tabby: confirmation of exact pattern is still under way, but this colour appears to have     specific marks and they are: Two necklaces, with two bars on left front leg, two bands on each     ear and the general spotted tabby markings. These definitive marks are on every spotted tabby     in the Delmun breed.
b) White: These cats are born from spotted tabbies and appear mostly with some entire black     siblings. The whites are always born with a small blue patch behind one ear that disappears in     adulthood. Once mature, the nose, and tip of ears exhibit a blue blush. They are usually larger     then all other Delmuns. When mated to an s. Tabby they throw full spotted tabbies and tabby     and whites.
c) Tabby and White: Most tabby and whites have van pattern on ears and tail and throw full      tabbies, but never full whites.
d) Black: The blacks are really spotted tabbies with excess melanism. In the bright sun, they     may exhibit spots and look very dark brown. They are mostly in litters with whites or only in s.     Tabby to s. Tabby matings.
e) Black and White: These    Delmuns have a Turkish    van pattern    on ears and tail. They have
    never been seen with spotting in black areas of their coats.
f) Tabby Tortie: a very rare sight, but appears every now and then with no white at all on the     body. It is here that we get the ginger spotted cats.


Eye Colour
All eye colours are acceptable except blue. Only white Delmuns exhibit this eye colour.No two toned eye colour has ever been observed in Delmuns.

They are one owner cats usually, and very quite unless taught otherwise. They have weak meows and mostly chatter when hungry. A true hunter and can accomplish many tricks when taught. Not an affectionate cat, but will always be at your side.