the delmun cat

The Delmun Cat is a lithe and tall cat reaching an average of 12-13 inches at the shoulder, yet is very fine with a wonderful wedged face. The Delmun has a loose pelt like coat on bonny shoulders and is famous for skipping around when happy. The Delmun is not an affectionate cat and doesn’t like being cuddled when fully mature, but will always be waiting for you when your return from work and usually is seen walking children to school or waiting for owners to return from work.

These cats are still hunters in Bahrain and can do without human intervention in regards to feeding. In the wild they hunt lizards and vermin and will climb trees to get to the little birds and their nests. The Delmun is a semi-dehydrated cat and living in one of the hottest climates has adapted to getting very little water. So with little body fat and extreme heat, the Delmun usually breeds once or twice a year and stays with its young till they mature at 4-5 months of age. The young Delmuns look more like bats than cats with their large ears that they grow into by the time they are 5 months old. It has been observed that Delmuns take a long time to mature and can take up to 12 months till they are capable of breeding.

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